Thursday, April 19, 2012

outdoors sc.

USDA photo by Scott Bauer / / Public domain


.. Do you like the outdoors? Hi my name is Timmy , South Carolina has great opportunities to get outdoors.If you like hiking or biking there are lots of trails in SC. The palmetto trail has 425 miles of trails threw woods by lakes,rivers,and swamps. Their are primitive camp sites a long the way, camping is only allowed in these areas .There is a lot of adventure seeing new places that you have not seen before.I grew up in berkeley co.SC.and still live here. I know this part of the trail very well because I hunt and fished it my whole life way before the palmetto trail was built.Some land owners are not happy with this trail because it is near there property and it brings strangers near or on their property. My property is with in 1/4 mile of the trail and has given hunters access, as a result the deer heard that was over 60 that I managed is down to 6. I still like the trail but the DNR need better rules a regulations and enforce them.(stop grown men from shooting bambi).I hunt but don't shoot bambi and don't hunt near other peoples property out of respect , if the heard needs to be reduced  it should be done by youth hunters .Hunters and farmers provide food and environment for wildlife with out them there would be very little wildlife in to days world ,anyway back to enjoying nature there is still plenty out there on our trails in SC.If you would like me to show you some of the trails in berkeley co. SC. you can e-mail me at  [].Thanks for stopping in will be back soon with more Info...Top Arbitrage Betting Software 100percent Winners.DEER FEEDERS AND MORE CLICK HERE!!!...DEER HUNTING SECRETS...
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